A Bahá'í Perspective is a podcast of biographical interviews of people who have either chosen the Bahá'í Faith as a way of life or who have a relationship with the Bahá'í Faith. You can listen to the radio broadcast on Saturdays at 10 AM on WXOJ-LP Northampton MA, 103.3 FM.
Carol Handy
Release Date: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Carol is a published author and poet. She also served as writer and editor for the Baha'i International News Service from 1989-1990. Carol published the children's book, Dragons of Risvania in the 1980's which I remember reading to my children 30 years ago. She has recently published an historical novel called Journey of Sorrow, Journey of Hope. She has recently recently released a collection of poetically-written narratives inspired by Biblical Scripture called From the Land of the Living that examine five seminal moments in the life of Christ and the effect the events produced on both those who saw Him for who He was, as well as on those who only saw a human event. This work has been popular for reading aloud at Lenten program events.

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